Ghost water. Lithographic print w/ thread and rope. 17 x 24  inches, 2016. Printed in collaboration with Mark Williams at Tamarind Institute. Ongoing series.

In the Ghost Water series, I explore time through liberation of material and denial of materialization. After dedicating myself to making a print I displace the artwork into the landscape. I release it. Toss, cast, throw, place, or chase the work. I ask it to take on a new form unpredictably.

 Although the project rests at  times, in a photograph or in a gallery space,  the art objects continue to materialize and then dematerialize in a refusal of formation. My artwork slips in-between prints, sculptures, installations in order to expose transformation, fluidity, and autonomy in phrases. I think that the expression of an frequentative form provides a notion of slow time or ongoing time that is difficult for us to conceive of in our highly driven, capitalist society, especially in regards to water in the west.